July 10, 2023

Warm up your Winter with colour!

Hot off the boat, the Hanoi series from Equipe. These tiles are currently winging thier way to a Tile Company retailer near you now!

Available in 100×100 & 65×200 in 8 colours

Hanoi reveals the essence of craftmanship though unique and meticulously crafted graphics that restore the original value of the craftsman, without compromising the most cutting-edge technology standards.

This wall collection offers two different formats (100×100 & 65×200) in eight colours with the possibility of adding special relief decorators on special order.

Graphics with the precise detail that simulates the passage of time and offers an aesthetic that combines the experience of the handmade work and the mastery of fire with the contemporary.

Hanoi transforms the space of the rooms into a world full of nostalgic feelings, creating modern spaces that evoke the warmth of home provided by handmade elements.

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