How to look after your new tiles

Care & Maintenance

The tile company source only A grade tiles from leading suppliers around the globe.
With the right selection and cleaning & maintenance program, your Tile Company tiles will retain their appearance for years to come.
Ceramic and Porcelain are virtually non absorbent so will not stain or absorb odours, but it is important to care for your tiled surfaces with specialist tile products. Supermarket cleaners can leave detergent layers on tiles that will trap dirt and make your floor surfaces slippery. Worse still, some pH levels in these cleaning products could damage your grout.
The Tile Company recommend Lithofin cleaning products for regular cleaning and maintenance.

General cleaning of floor and wall tiles (Excluding Shower Areas)

  1. If required vacuum or broom surfaces that have dry mud or loose dirt particles prior to mopping.
  2. Using a flat-bed micro-fibre mop and warm water, wipe floor and walls tiles with Lithofin KF Vitra-Clean to remove general dirt and dust.
    With continued use, Lithofin KF Vitra-Clean removes general dirt and leaves the tiles looking brighter and preserves impregnating sealers.
  3. To remove stubborn and engrained dirt, care product residues and light oil and grease films from the tile surface and grout lines, use Lithofin KF Intensive-Cleaner.

Shower Areas

  1. For continuous cleaning of porcelain and ceramic shower tiles to remove soap scum, body oils and water residues use Lithofin KF Active-Clean. Lithofin KF Active-Clean will also clean the grout lines, glass, stainless steel and chrome. Wet the shower area with water, apply Lithofin KF Active-Clean directly to a wet sponge or cleaning pad and scrub the area before rinsing with water.
  2. To remove black mold and mildew; use Lithofin KF Mildew-Away. Wet the surface, spray on Lithofin KF Mildew-Away and allow to work until the deposits disappear then brush and rinse with plenty of water.
  3. If mold is developing in grout lines it’s time to seal the grout line with Lithofin KF Grout-Protector. Clean the grout lines with Lithofin KF Active-Clean and seal with Lithofin KF Grout-Protector.
  4. If mold is present behind the silicone lines then the silicon must be removed to correctly clean the surfaces. Remove the silicone with Lithofin WAX-OFF, clean the tiles and grout lines, seal the grout lines and then install the silicon.

External Tiles

  1. Regularly sweep external tiles to remove dirt, leafs, tree matter, grass and other surface dirt’s. Keeping the tiles free of dirt’s reduces cleaning and maintenance.
  2. Periodically clean external tiles and grout lines with Lithofin KF Intensive-Cleaner to remove accumulated and stubborn dirt residues. Dilute Lithofin KF Intensive-Cleaner 1:10 with water and apply to the tiles with a broom or brush. Allow the product to dwell on the surface for approximately 5 minutes before scrubbing and dwell for another 5 minutes before add water to the surface. Brush again and then rinse with plenty of water. To remove and prevent the re growth of algae, moss and green algae use Lithofin ALGEX.
  3. Test all products in an inconspicuous area prior to use to determine the correct application process and repeat the application if required.It is recommended that spills and other products that may cause staining are removed from the surface as soon as possible.


Avoid using, resting or placing products on your stone and tile surfaces that may contain methylated spirits, bleaches, chlorine, acid, citric acid and corrosives. These types of products may cause permanent damage to the stone and tile composition. Limit the use of wax or acrylate-based products as they promote a build-up of layers.