We back what we sell

10 Year Guarantee

The tile company source only A grade tiles from leading suppliers around the globe.

We can guarantee the performance of our range for 10 years when selected correctly and installed in accordance with the BRANZ good tiling practice, manufacturers instruction and New Zealand building regulations.

We do not guarantee the quality of the installation and claims that arise from installation issues.

This guarantee covers the cost of the products supplied and reasonable installation costs should the tiles be at fault.

The Tile Company is not liable for any loss of profits or consequential damages.

Tiles are guaranteed 10 years from the date of purchase.

Variation, Shade & Size

Due to manufacturing processes there can be variations in colour and shade from samples.

Please ensure the right shade and tile has been supplied prior to fixing.

Variation and shade is not a defect in the tile.

Sizing is indicated as a nominal size and actual sizes can vary between batches and manufacturers.

We take no responsibility for incorrect tile supply, variation, visual defects, shade and size once tiles are fixed in place.


We will assist in the selection of tiles for the correct area.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the tiles selected comply with all relevant building legislation.

When purchasing frost resistant tiles, this guarantee will be voided if tiles are used over butynol waterproofing membranes.

All waterproofing membranes must be tile specific as stated in good tiling practice guidelines.

Wear & Tear

This guarantee covers fair wear and tear and defective tiles and does not cover impact or abuse.